Burger Philosophy

What defines a fine burger?

The search for the perfect burger ends here. Designed by artists. Prepared by chefs. Red Cow gives the burger the respect it deserves. Sometimes looked down on as quick, inexpensive, and ordinary—we’ve elevated the burger to new heights. Using the freshest ingredients. Creative flavor combinations. Perfectly prepared and masterfully constructed, a Red Cow burger is a feast for all five senses.

The Bun

The burger bun. Often forgotten and taken for granted. Not here. No way, no how. Here, the hardworking bun isn’t just something that holds our award-winning burger. Here, the bun is a star in its own right. Bakery fresh and golden brown, it’s further proof of the effort that goes into every detail.

The Patty

Where’s the beef? When your mission is the ultimate burger experience, why stop at just beef? Turkey, elk, ahi tuna, lamb, pork. Nothing is off limits. We might even call it a culinary adventure, if it didn’t sound so snobby.

Ingenious Ingredients

As many combinations as there are tastes. Our gourmet toppings use only the best ingredients available. Farm fresh, local when possible. Combined in ways you’ve never experienced before.

The Finish

Feeling adventurous? Top your burger with truffle aioli, tomato jam, or mint jelly. For more traditional tastes, try our own Red Cow sweet and tangy ketchup.

100% certified Angus beef. No bull.

What is the great American burger? It’s part of our history. It’s cattle ranches. It’s juicy meat sizzling over a red-hot flame. It’s one of America’s best-loved foods — often cooked but rarely perfected. Until now. Red Cow’s hamburgers contain Certified Angus beef, which accounts for less than 1.5% of all beef. It just goes to show you, what’s good enough for 99% of burgers, isn’t good enough for us. Because better beef makes a better burger. And when it comes to burgers, we put the competition out to pasture.

Beyond the burger

Our burgers may be the start but don't tell that to our starter

Pork belly sliders. Blueberry scallops. Beer cheese soup. There’s more to life than just burgers. Which is why our menu features house made soups, salads, fish, pasta, and amazing starters to whet your appetite. And when it comes to sides, we put as much effort into them as we do everything else. Our fries are made fresh to perfection—regular and sweet potatoes, impeccably seasoned, with truffle oil, smoked pepper aioli, or our own Red Cow sweet and tangy ketchup. (See, we told you this was no ordinary burger joint.)

A well-crafted burger deserves a well-crafted beer

We don’t just let any beverage get paired with our burgers
It takes a special beer to accompany our burgers. We’ve got 35 ever changing varieties on tap, featuring unique craft beers brewed everywhere from around the corner to around the globe. Whether you’re in the mood for a regular favorite, or feel adventurous and want to try something new, there’s something here for every taste and palate.

The perfect burger deserves the perfect pairing

The finest selection of wine this side of the Mississippi
When it comes to wine, we take our list very seriously. 32 carefully selected wines available by the glass — more than you’ll find in most wine bars. What’s more, each of our wines is housed in our special state of the art preservation system, so they always maintain proper temperature, flavor, and freshness. Like we’ve said before, it’s the little details that make a huge difference.